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Christian acceptance of Muslim Americans guarantees religious freedom – for all

By Maha Elgenaidi, Executive Director. This opinion will appear in the May/June 2018 issue of “Report from the Capital,” the magazine of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty. It is also available to read on ISSUU and as a PDF here. Civil… Read More

ING’s 25 Heroes

I was so inspired by CNN’s recent 25 Influential American Muslims project that I thought I would highlight my own list of influential Muslim leaders. With the exception of Ameena Jandali, who is our content manager and founding member at our home office, they’re all directors of affiliated… Read More

Today’s “White Person’s Burden”: To Counter Racism

By Maha Elgenaidi, Executive Director. This opinion appeared at the ING blog. After decades of leading a national nonprofit that counters bigotry through education, I am now firmly convinced that we need new partners to overcome racism, Islamophobia, and exclusivist thinking in our nation. So far, we have been treating… Read More

Islam is not a country: the hidden assumption that all Muslims are the same

By Ameena Jandali, Content Manager This opinion appeared at the ING blog. As President Trump’s travel ban directed against mainly Muslim-majority countries was challenged once again before the United States Supreme Court this week, a slip of the tongue has brought some humorous relief to a tense and controversial topic. … Read More

Is Islam a country or a religion? How can we tell the difference?

By Heena Haiderali, Programs Associate This opinion appeared at the ING blog. After 6 months of working at Islamic Networks Group, a nonprofit aimed at improving religious literacy across the country while combatting Islamophobia, I finally feel moved to write about my religion — Islam. Because, seriously? We’ve got some… Read More

During Lent, a Christian tries praying 5 times a day

By Kate Chance, Community Engagement Manager. This opinion originally appeared at Religion News Service. While working in the Muslim community the past few years, I’ve grown to question why, as a Christian, I don’t pray more often. For my Muslim friends, their five daily prayers, or salat,… Read More

Holy Week, Passover, and Rajab: On our responsibilities toward the stranger

By Maha Elgenaidi, Executive Director. This speech was delivered at a Maundy Thursday foot-washing ceremony in Morgan Hill on Thursday, March 29th, 2018. Salam alaykum/peace be unto you. We are standing here together during a sacred time in many faiths. For Muslims, we are in the month of Rajab, the… Read More

Escaping Essentialism: Educating Objectively About Islam in a Time of Islamophobia

By Maha Elgenaidi, Executive Director. This paper was presented at the American Academy of Religion Western Region Conference at the Institute for Buddhist Studies in Berkeley, California on Sunday, March 25th. What follows is an excerpt of the full paper; we will update this article once the full paper is… Read More

Recognizing the Unsung Sheroes of Women’s History Month

By Ameena Jandali, Content Director. This opinion originally appeared at Patheos. Women from time immemorial have been the foundation and sustainers of life and society, giving birth, raising the next generation, preparing the food that keeps us all alive and often risking everything for the welfare of… Read More

Why working for the Muslim community is the most Christlike aspect of my life

By Kate Chance, Interfaith Manager. This opinion originally appeared at the Christian Citizen. As a cradle Episcopalian, I was raised with a mentality that loving my neighbor and caring for others in my community should be the heart of my faith. Social justice has always been… Read More
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