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Designed for executive officers, human resources managers, diversity professionals and other corporate leaders, this seminar titled, “Developing Cultural Competency: American Muslims in the Workplace” provides valuable information and resources for preventing bias and discrimination, increasing employee performance by improving communications and teamwork among people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

“Employee morale and employee retention are most affected by having a workplace that provides religious accommodation for its employees.” – Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Corporate Seminar: Developing Cultural Competency: American Muslims in the Workplace

The purpose of this diversity seminar is to provide corporate managers with a picture of the challenges faced by Muslim employees in the current environment as well as solutions for addressing these challenges. This seminar begins with a description of the impact of anti-Muslim bigotry on Muslim employees and on their co-workers. The seminar highlights barriers faced by Muslims in the workplace, citing Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports and experiences in a post 9/11 workplace environment. The seminar provides strategies for preventing discrimination and steps towards building an inclusive and productive work environment. The seminar provides a better understanding of the faith and practices of Muslim employees and suggestions for how to accommodate these practices in the workplace.


  • Improved awareness and understanding of the current environment and its impact on Muslims generally and Muslim employees specifically.
  • Prevention of bias, harassment, and religious discrimination charges.
  • Cultural awareness and development of cultural competency skills for working with American Muslim employees, co-workers and clients.
  • A competitive, global organization that capitalizes on the talents of people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Higher employee morale, retention, and referral rates and a more cohesive workforce.
  • Compliance with state and federal employment mandates.


Corporate executives, human resources managers, diversity professionals, and other key department directors and leaders.


Workshop Length: 2 hours
Number of Participants: 20 or more
Available: onsite or via webinar

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