ING offers a variety of programs for diverse audiences including schools, colleges, and universities, as well as healthcare, law enforcement, corporations, and community organizations. ING policies relating to teaching about religion in school adhere to the principles derived from the doctrine of separation of church and state. We also provide a variety of programs and resources for young Muslims through the INGYouth Program and are proud to be the founders of Know Your Neighbor (KYN), a collaborative effort which works to combat bigotry and promote inclusion among diverse communities. See below for more details about each program.

Islamic Speakers Bureau

As the core of ING’s educational services, the Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB) provides education about Muslims and their faith and related topics to middle and high schools, as well as to colleges and community groups. In middle and high schools and colleges, this program supplements the study of history, world religions and related topics in social science or world history classes, while in community groups it fulfills the need for information about a greatly misunderstood topic. To learn more about available programs or to schedule a presentation, click here.

Interfaith Speakers Bureau

This program provides interfaith panels made up of representatives from the five major world religions introducing their respective faiths and discussing a variety of topics while modeling interfaith understanding and diversity.  To learn more about ING’s interfaith panels or to request a panel, click here.

Intercultural Speakers Bureau

This program provides educational panels examining the genealogies and interconnectedness of various forms of racism and bigotry and culminating in a call to action against them.  To learn more about ING’s intercultural panels or to request a panel, click here.

Diversity Seminars for Leaders

This program offers cultural diversity seminars about American Muslims to a variety of different sectors to help provide a greater understanding of this population while enhancing the level of service in each field. To learn more about available programs for each institution or to schedule a seminar, click on the following links:

INGYouth Program

This program trains Muslim American teens with resources and skills to educate and engage in dialogue with their peers about Islam and Muslims. The program also provides opportunities for Muslim American teens to engage with teens from other faith-based groups, offers a faith-based community to Muslim American teens, and gives them leadership opportunities. To learn more about our trainings, youth curriculum and other resources, click here.

Know Your Neighbor: Multifaith Encounters

This program was created to promote understanding and mutual respect among Americans of diverse religious and ethical traditions. It has grown into a collaborative effort of nearly a hundred national and regional organizations and groups with diverse missions and objectives who work together on campaigns that push back against bigotry and discrimination while promoting civil dialogue across differences, building relationships and peaceful communities, and advancing human rights and justice.

To learn more about our current partners, campaigns, newsletters, webinars, or how to join as an organization, click on the following links: