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Creating Inclusive and Equitable Communities – A Call to Action

Understanding the origins and impact of bigotry in the U.S. today and what we can do about it

The Intercultural Speakers Bureau (ICSB) addresses and counters racism across racial, ethnic, and religious groups by bringing together a panel of speakers from marginalized communities experiencing bigotry in the United States to educate about how racist narratives about a people were formed and framed in history and then embedded in culture institutionally and through implicit biases.

The panel focuses on the shared history and diverse breadth of experiences from the following groups: Muslim Americans, Jewish Americans, Indigenous Peoples, African Americans, Latinx Americans, and Asian Americans. After opening with a discussion on the formation and dissemination of dominant narratives, each panelist speaks about how this has manifested in her or his community and what we can do together to counter racism.

Working from the well-established social science principle that face-to-face education and engagement are the most effective ways to dispel stereotypes and prejudice, panels include group discussions with the audience and conclude with calls to action to counter hate and to build an inclusive society based on mutual understanding and solidarity.


Here’s what people had to say about our ICSB panels:

  • “I want to commend ING for your good work. It’s so tough to speak on issues of race and there is no good way to go about it. I think the panel presentations were responsible and constructive and you found the best way to handle a sensitive topic like this.”
  • “I liked hearing from multiple ethnic groups on the oppression they’re facing and have faced. It really opened my eyes. The calls to action listed at the end of the presentation left me feeling hopeful like I could affect change. I needed that. Thank you for the ING panel!”
  • “It was great to see so much diversity and at the same time be able to understand the common struggles we are all facing today. This was a very informative and engaging set of panelists and I hope to see them again in future presentations.”
  • “This was a very educational panel and presentations. Anyone who hasn’t had or taken the time to learn the basics of the structural and historical elements of racism, colorism, and colonialism would gain a great deal from this panel.”


Panel Lengths: 60 minutes – 120 minutes


Middle & high schools, colleges & universities, nonprofits & corporations, civic organizations, religious institutions, law enforcement agencies and other public institutions

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