For Faith Groups

Know Your Neighbor (KYN)

Know Your Neighbor (KYN) is a program that promotes understanding and mutual respect among Americans of diverse religious and ethical traditions. It is a collaborative effort of 75 national and regional organizations and groups with diverse missions and objectives who work together on campaigns that push back against bigotry and discrimination while promoting civil dialogue across differences, building relationships and peaceful communities, and advancing human rights and justice.


Halaqa-Seder is a program that brings Muslims and Jews together to study Biblical and Quranic versions of the Story of Exodus which is related in both Scriptures from slightly different perspectives. The event includes dramatic readings from Scriptures, table dialogue and the breaking of bread.

Open House

Based on our long experience of interfaith engagement and of educating Americans of all backgrounds about Muslims and their faith, ING makes recommendations and suggestions for hosting open houses and similar events that are designed to introduce Americans to Islam and Muslims.